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Media is ever-changing. And, newspapers haven’t been left behind; the industry is always trying out new techniques, explaining the never-ending cycle of change.

The increasing number of online newspapers is a true testament to this fact. The dynamic nature of online news gives readers immediate access to news updates when they need it.


Digital print newspaper editions and online newspapers continue to rise. The rise of the Internet Pressroom eliminates the need for stationary or physical newsrooms.

Our readers have access to multimedia displays, instant news updates, videos, and much more. We embed videos and photos into articles for interactive reading sessions.

We enable our readers to interact with the news material. You can watch videos, make comments, share your written pieces or opinions, or both, and view photo slideshows for interactive reading sessions.

We attribute our success to various factors, including multiple access points. You can receive your news updates off your tablet, computer or even smartphone. When you need news updates, you receive them instantly.

Unlike print newspapers, we offer live news and this explains our continue growth. In relation to a walking and breathing vehicle, we offer immediate word for breaking news, emergencies, wonderful stories, events, or basic news.

What’s more, you can choose the news articles you want to watch, hear, or read. This saves you time unlike when listening to news on the radio or on TV and have to listen to all news items, including those you don’t find interesting.

We offer news articles from around the world on the same platform, eliminating the need to switch from one news site to another. Unlike buying newspapers at a cost, we offer free news.

And, there’s no limit to the number of news items you can read or watch. Furthermore, we update our news articles and stories for instant access. This eliminates the wait times that come with reading print newspapers.

At the Internet Pressroom, we help save on trees and thus the planet because we don’t use papers to print our news materials. Instead, we publish articles online.

Who We Are

The Internet Pressroom is an online platform that offers news around the internet for worldwide access. We focus on topics we’re certain our readers enjoy reading.

We ensure that you don’t have to wait for days or hours to watch news on TV or read it from local print newspapers. Our website offers the latest breaking news with lots of information to satisfy your needs and expectations.

With just a click of a button, our readers have access to news articles from around the world. We organize our content well for easy location of news articles. This also makes it easy for our readers to search for the information they want.

The Internet Pressroom covers all news categories to meet the varied needs out there. Ranging from lifestyle to sports to entertainment, we’ve got all your needs for specific news covered.

We’ve also tailored our news site for mobile access on the go. Whether you’re a stock trader and need news on the latest share prices or simply love to stay up-to-date on news happenings as they occur, you can access our news materials anywhere and at any time on your mobile device.

Free access to our news materials is a great way to save money for other important things such as grocery. We also provide space on our pages for marketers to display their products and services at a fee for promotional reasons.

At the Internet Pressroom, we help you understand the prevailing local or international situations in economics, politics, entertainment, sports, etc.

We’re your go-to online news site for local and international breaking news whenever you want to know what’s happening around you or worldwide.


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John Smith


David Cooper


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