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Table tennis at the 2016 ASEAN event


intThe Association of Southeast Western Nations (ASEAN) organized the I8th edition of the 2016 table tennis in Nanyang Technical University in Singapore from the 12 to 17 July 2016. The five-day long event saw the top most players in the region fighting for the medals. The Association consists of ten member countries, which include Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand. The game features the men’s single and doubles, women’s singles and doubles and mixed gender singles and doubles.


Boys’ team

The teams were classified into two groups the Group A and Group B. Group a had three teams  Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos while group B had four teams,  Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia and Indonesia. Lao and Cambodia lost to Thailand to clinch the knockout stage finalists from group A while Vietnam and Malaysia lost to Singapore from group B. The semifinals saw Vietnam and Thailand battle in the first category while Cambodia and Malaysia in the next category. The finals were between Vietnam and Malaysia, they all enjoy it.

Girls’ team

Group A team had Thailand, Malaysia, and Laos while group B composed of Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. Laos lost to Thailand and Malaysia Giving Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam to proceed to the semifinals. The finals saw Thailand and Malaysia. Thailand won against Malaysia by 3 to 1.

Gold Medalists

The gold medals were eight. Five went to Vietnam in the men’s single category and the three were divided among the other countries. They won in the women singles, women’s doubles, men’s double, men’s team and the women’s team. The men’s singles went to Cambodia and the men’s double was clinched by Singapore.

Silver medalists

The silver medalists were dominated by Thailand who took the men’s doubles, mixed doubles, and the women’s team. Men’s singles went to Malaysia, Women’s singles went to the Philippines and the men’s team was taken by Singapore.

Bronze medals

Bronze medals were dominated by Vietnam, who took the Men’s and women’s singles and women doubles. Malaysia won two bronze medals in the women’s doubles and mixed gender doubles categories. The Philippines also clinched two bronze medals in the women’s team and the women’s doubles.

ASEAN hosts different categories of games they include, table tennis, athletics, volleyball, basketball , golf, gymnastics, and swimming. They are held at different times with the entire event publicized and well planned. The championships attract huge partnerships and sponsors. The best players are awarded and sign to famous clubs across the globe.

Table tennis is a famous sport in this region; the best players in the Olympics for a long time come from these regions. The countries have also invested heavily in the sport with various stakeholders putting more effort to ensure players are comfortable and get the best. Each of the member countries is well represented and a lot of home support accorded to motivate the players to give their best. From the medalist table, in 2016, Vietnam held the most number of gold medalists.


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