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3 Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog at Home

Written on August 15, 2016   By   in Uncategorized



You don’t have to hire a professional dog trainer to teach your dog some tricks. It may be difficult (especially with hard-headed pets), but it’s not entirely impossible. Yes, it’s also ideal to teach him at an early age, but you can still teach your adult dog some treats. You’ll have to be patient and understanding to be able to teach him some tricks. Also, it doesn’t depend on what breed your dog is, you can teach any type of dog. Here are three basic tricks, which are very essential to your dog’s daily life.


The “sit” command is amongst the easiest tricks you can teach to your dog that makes it a great start to your dog training.

  1. Clasp a treat (preferably a dog food) near your pet’s nose.
  2. Stir your hand with the treat upward, letting your dog’s head follow it, and resulting the lower part of his body to go down to the ground.
  3. As soon as he’s already in a sitting position, emit the word, “Sit”. Toss him the treat and give some affection.


Every day, repeat doing the three steps for a few times, till your dog masters the trick. Then, you can ask him to do this command during meals, when walking outdoors, and other circumstances where you need him to calm and seated.



The “Down: command can be amongst the most difficult command to teach to your dog. This posture is a submissive stance, which is the reason why dogs find it hard to learn. You can use this command if your dog is fearful or apprehensive.

  1. With a nice-smelling treat, put it inside your closed fist.
  2. Hold your closed fist close to your dog’s muzzle. When he sniffs it, move your hand to the floor so your dog can follow.
  3. After that, slide your hand on the surface of the ground in front of your dog to convince him to follow his head.
  4. As he moves to a downward position, emit the word “Down”, toss him the treat, and give some affection.

Like the first trick, you can try this every day so he can master the trick. It’ll be hard for him to figure it out, but he’ll learn it soon!



This trick can be helpful for your dog to knock off his curiosity that can endanger his safety. For example, if he sniffs a poisonous chemical, you can tell him to “Leave it!” so he’ll move away from the substance. This trick is to teach your dog that there’s a better treat if he ignores another one.


  1. On top of both of your palms, put a delicious treat.
  2. Show your closed fist with the treat inside to your dog, and tell him to “Leave it.” Allow him to try to get it out, but continue to ignore him. He’ll do things like barking, sniffing, and scratching.
  3. As soon as he stops, give the treat that is on your other hand. Repeat this process until he walks away from the 1st fist.